Born From The Corner

by Violent Stomp

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released December 5, 2014

Agradecemos a todas as pessoas que nos incentivaram, trocaram idéias, elogiaram, chamaram para para shows e nos deram qualquer tipo de apoio. Em especial por contribuição no ep agradecemos a: Athos, Breno Carollo, Fernando Marcatti, Mila, Paulo Buesso e Rodrigo Feitoza.



all rights reserved


Violent Stomp Sao Paulo, Brazil



Debut 7" TROPICHAOS out on Assurd Records / Hardtimes Recs.


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Track Name: What it meant
tell me where does love fit in?
when the words you speak become empty.
tell me where the fuck is the passion?
when you see hope in my eyes
and you rip it apart.

untill when will you pretend to be blind?.
everything we built together
are breaking down.
so take my hand
we are so far away
to be just a memory of what we used to be.

and why you do not want to see?
the cycle is not over, this is the real way.
and why you do not want to hear?
this is not and never will be a passing phase


sempre é tão bom quando tudo da certo, triste saber que quase nunca é assim. pra onde foi toda aquela paixão?
Track Name: Break Free
Life is pain
there’s nothing i can take
i keep runnning searching for a way
a way that leave from this curse
there’s no escape

Tortured by a world that consumes my soul
I can’t rid myself of these claws buried my neck
Suffering in solitude there’s no one left
to get me outta here, i can’t break free
Você pode correr o quanto quiser, o mundo e suas obrigações e responsabilidades sempre vão te perseguir e você nunca vai conseguir se libertar. A vida é pura dor.
Track Name: Nothing Left
i’m more scars than skin
the wind feels like knives sticking my body
every step i take
i leave a piece of myself behind

whathafuck have i become?
where did gone all i’d got?
I feel increasingly lost
and soon there will be nothing left
Até quando a vida vai me levar e me transformar em algo que eu não sou? O que eu me tornei? Onde foi parar tudo que conquistei?
Track Name: Born From The Corner
we are the bastard sons
we are the ones that refuse accept the lose
raised from the bottom
we paved our paths through our own sorrow

i know i always failed
walking in the opposite direction
the struggle continue
no regrets, no regrets

we coming to take what's ours
lift the guard, we won't stop

born from the corner
against the odds
forever the underdogs
Contrariando todas as expectativas, recusando a derrota nós somos os garotos que caminham na contra mão da vida, sem esperar por ninguém passando por cima de todos os nossos pesadelos.