Demo 2014

by Violent Stomp

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Recorded Mix and Mastered at Triumph Studios by Paulo Buesso Artwork by Cassiano.


released March 5, 2014

Violent Stomp song featuring Max Ferreira (Sentenced, Life Trap).
Sing Alongs by Violent Stomp, T.B Army and Sao Paulo Crew.
Thanks to T.B army, Sao Paulo crew and all our friends for the support.



all rights reserved


Violent Stomp Sao Paulo, Brazil



Debut 7" TROPICHAOS out on Assurd Records / Hardtimes Recs.


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Track Name: Intro Slam Stomper
You really thought you would see us fall.
and we’re here, stronger than ever.
shut the fuck up, nobody cares about you

violent stomp
what you gonna do?
Track Name: Can't Bring Us Down
Breaking down the walls that you built
Going over who insulted me
like a tractor, we're smash you
don't spit on our scene, shithead dictator of rules.
we live different things
and never try to bring us down anymore
Sucker! p-p-p-p-p-ppunch!
Track Name: Out Of Time
we are subjected day by day to live like robots
feeding the machine that moves the society
they want to impose how I should think and how I should act
you can't change my mind
‘cause for me i know what’s right
no one can tell me what to do
and i won't be part of this shit

i’m sick of play this game
and follow all these fucking rules
I will live my life of my way
i'm running out of time
Track Name: Face Reality
i never thought the end would be great news
i hoped things would get back on track
and i always failed, pretending not believe
and i always failed.

for so long i believed there was an alternative way.
what should illuminate my path sank me in a sea of fear
and all those phantoms who scared me that time
made ​​me stand up and face reality.
Track Name: Brotherhood
another year has passed
and we still stick together
marked on my skin
i feel this is forever
i hold all this felling inside
the memories will never leave my mind


time flies and people change
we’re connected by the choice we made
it doesn’t matter how long we are so far away
there’s nothing that can break these chains.
Track Name: Violent Stomp (Part. Max Sentenced)
i’m tired to see you talk talk talk
trying reach people with empty words
who are you? i never see you on the streets
behind the screen the words you spew means nothing
why don't you shut the fuck up?
nobody wants to hear you talking so much shit
live as a clown is the reward you get.
get the fuck out of my face. you are not welcome here.

we will not tolerate on more word.
here is you judgement, here is your end

violent stomp crew FUCK YOU